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Meeting at the AFD (09-11-2017)

This community aims to empower existing entrepreneurs dynamics and all stakeholders : cities, formal operators & informal, drivers, citizens, agencies like AFD and clusters. Our goals should also be to connect different cities and countries.

The process is committed with several objectives

  • identify, gather and synchronize stakeholders on first operational deliverables,
  • equip entrepreneurs' communities with open resources identified and produced,
  • produce locally open and shared resources corresponding to the needs of local communities.
  • and then reinforce communities with operationnal & open assets


  • Light & agile
  • Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) among members of the community with accordance on guidelines (to be done)

How to work together


Resources described on this wiki

Open Resources

Data Collection ToolsJungle Bus, Digital Matatus Team, Agence Française de Developpement
Donkey Car
GTFS For ParaTransit System?Digital Matatus Team, GTFS for the rest of Us?
How to choose a protective license? (Data & Software)LEROY Tom
OSM ToolsOpenStreetMap, Where Is My Transport?, Digital Matatus Team, Jungle Bus
OSM Tools/Jungle Bus Mobile AppOpenStreetMap, Jungle BusLAINEZ Florian, LEHUBY Noémie, HAYAT Flora, DE CHATEAU THIERRY Vincent, KARINTHI Jean, ZIMMERMAN Jean-Louis, PAVIE Adrien, ORTOLA Loic, RHOD Pascal
Pilote Project OverviewAgence Francaise de Developpement, Jungle Bus, Digital Matatus Team, University of Nairobi, MIT, Transport for Cairo (TfC), World Resources InstituteLAINEZ Florian, CHEVRE Antoine, KLOPP Jackie, CAVOLI Clemence, HEGAZY Mohamed, SADIER Simon
Tool to quantify urban mobility externalitiesCODATU, ADEME
TransitWand AppDigital Matatus Team


Accra MobilityUrban Transport Project, Jungle Bus, Transitec, Ghana's OpenStreetMap community, Agence Française de Développement, Departement of TransportLAINEZ Florian, CHEVRE Antoine, SADDIER Simon, NYAMADOR Enock Seth, LEHUBY Noémie
Case Study of Lubumbashi - Effects of informal Labour and Informal TransportDepartement of Geography - Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Departement of City Planning - The TechnionKarel MARTENS, Tamara KERZHNER
Digital MatatusRockefeller Foundation, Matatu's drivers and owners, Nairobi population, Digital Matatus TeamKLOPP Jackie, WILLIAMS Sarah
Mapa dos ChapasChapas Crew, Waza, UCL Project, DFID, AGIR Program, University College of London, Transport Department of the Maputo City Council, Maputo City Council, Atromap, Athmap, Asoctra, Public Bus Operator (MTP)Joaquín Romero de Tejada, CAVOLI Clemence
Mobilise your cityCODATU, ADEME, Agence Française de Developpement, CEREMA, FFEM, AFD
Transport for Cairo (TfC)Digital Matatus Team, Takween for Integrated Community Development, Expo Live, Transport for Cairo (TfC)HEGAZY Mohamed, KALILA Adham, GABER Islam, HEGAZY Abdelrahman

More informations about those projects? [Pilote Project Overview]

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