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Short Description: 100 Cities are engaged in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Description: Mobilise Your City supports local and national governments in developing and emerging countries to plan sustainable urban mobility in order to develop more inclusive, liveable and economically efficient cities and reduce GHG emissions.

MobiliseYourCity aims to assist cities in their efforts to cut at least 50% of their urban transport-related emissions by 2050 compared to business as usual. With the support of a coalition of international partners (development agencies, urban and transport planning agencies, NGOs and development banks), MobiliseYourCity provides a methodological framework, capacity building and technical assistance, and facilitates access to financing at both local and national levels.



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Organisations involved in the project: CODATU, ADEME, Agence Française de Developpement, CEREMA, FFEM

Organisation interested to participate / use deliverables: AFD, ADEME

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Tags: urban mobility

Theme: Blockchain, Open Street Map OSM, Données ouvertes, Covoiturage quotidien, Africa

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Challenge associated to your project : Accompagner une collectivité à ouvrir un maximum de ressources et construire un kit d'aide à l'innovation

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Linked Communauty of interest: Communauté Open Street Map OSM, Communauté autour des données ouvertes

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  • At least 100 cities commit to elaborate and implement a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan by 2020
  • Cities involved commit to 50 to 75% reduction in urban transport-related GHG emissions by 2050
  • At least 20 developing or emerging countries commit to elaborate and implement a National Urban Mobility Policy (NUMP) that includes institutional strengthening and robust financing schemes to promote sustainable urban mobility

FabMob values propositions

Based on its large ecosystem and open source resources, FabMob propose 3 types of actions :

  1. FIX YOUR PROBLEM : Based on a preliminary diagnosis, FabMob will bring together solutions providers with cities involved in Europe and MYC concerned with their entrepreneurs networks; The objectives are to create links between cities and between entrepreneurs, and to provide validated solutions.
  2. BUILD COMMUNITY : Based on diagnosis and problems identified, FabMob proposes to bring together communities of entrepreneurs from FabMob and from MYC concerned. As FabMob is working on Open Source resources, on open projects, the objectives are to facilitate re-utilisation of existing solutions by local entrepreneurs. FabMob aims to empower communities of entrepreneurs at large scale around open source. Production of Tool to quantify pollution and emissions.
  3. OPEN YOUR CITY : Some MYC can also be involved in our Open Challenge. Based on diagnosis and problems identified, MYC can offer part of their city for new innovative project coming from the Open Challenge. The objectives are to fix an existing problem or create data in order to better understand. Several cities are already part of this challenge (Paris, Region ile de France, département 06, ...), as well as many industrials partners. Implication of MYC in the same time with European and Canadian Cities, will be very usefull for entrepreneurs to design adaptable and replicable solutions.