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Which Vehicles?[edit source]

We are committed here to indexing vehicles consistent with our vision of mobility: efficient, economical, recyclable, reconditionable, repairable, with a long lifespan… You are carrying out a project for such a vehicle or you have identified a project in progress, this is the right place to reference it. This vehicle collection shows the extent of the possibilities, inspires entrepreneurs and translates current developments. These vehicles are linked to the eXtreme Challenge Community.

Welcome to the “Vehicle” form page[edit source]

  • You have or create a central FabMob account to discuss on the forum, document on the wiki , use the cloud…
  • You start by creating your profile on this wiki (example), then create your file Actor for your organization, then you can present your vehicle on this page. If the vehicle is open source (all or part), it is desirable to complete this form 'Create resource => Common' in addition.
  • To create a page with this form, enter the name of the page below; First check if the vehicle is not already filled in… if a page with this name already exists, you will be directed to a form to edit it.

193 Projets de Véhicule ayant référencés leur position[edit source]

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Vehicles already indexed[edit source]