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Short Description: A test and comparison of several smartphone base app useful for mapping a transport system

Description: Comparaison of data collections app upon diffrerent caracteristics like:

  • Which data can be collect with the app? GPS Trace (routes)? Number of passengers? Stops? On which format?
  • Is the source code accesible and alterable? Is it a free to use app?
  • Under which OS (Operating System)? Windows? iOS? Android?


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Organisations interested to contribute or already contributing: Jungle Bus, Digital Matatus Team, Agence Française de Developpement

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Tags: Data Collection

Category: Données

Theme: Données ouvertes, Traces de mobilité et des données associées, Africa


Challenge addressed: Augmenter les connaissances partagées en cartographie et usages des véhicules et réseaux de transports

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Communauty of interest: Communauté autour des traces de mobilité et des données associées

Type of common: Commun, Restreint

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Which Smartphone App should I use for Data Collection On Board?
Tools Caracteristic Project Collected Data
Location GPS Snaps to Road Survey Question Android Apple Open Source Free to use Format Stops Routes #Passengers
Transit Wand Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ .csv .shp Digital Matatus Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ
My Tracks Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ .kml .gpx .csv Digital Matatus Ѵ
Itinerum Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ .csv Accra Mobility phase 1,2 Ѵ
OSM Tracker Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ .gpx Accra Mobility phase 3 Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ (manual by using notes)
GeoODK Collect Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ
Map and Track a routes Ѵ Ѵ Where Is My Transport - Cape Town Ѵ Ѵ
Fulcrum Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ Ѵ