Cars Overhead With Context

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilités

It is useful for training a device such as a deep neural network to learn to detect and/or count cars

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More information can be obtained by reading our paper here (poster here). An excellent 3rd party description of how to use our data is here. The dataset has the following attributes:

Data can be downloaded from our FTP server. The data includes wide area imagery with annotations as well as precompiled image sets for training/validation of classification and counting. Examples of the precompiled image sets are seen on the right.

The dataset and research to create this data was done by members of the Computer Vision group within the Computation Engineering Division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under grant from NA-22 in the Global Security Directorate. No Llamas were harmed in the creation of this set. Download COWC data/annotation from our [[1]] or http, Download scripts from github

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Tags: Comptage, Voiture, parking, image, satellite

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Theme: Données ouvertes, Urbanisme et ville, Logiciel Libre, Stationnement, Voiture électrique et charge

Referent: Gabriel Plassat

Challenge: Accompagner une collectivité à ouvrir un maximum de ressources et construire un kit d'aide à l'innovation, Augmenter les connaissances partagées en cartographie et usages des véhicules et réseaux de transports, Maximiser les usages de l'espace public (personne et marchandise)

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