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Short description: Solar Vehicle for daily mobility

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Why a solar vehicle ? Urban Mobility and Last-Mile Delivery are major challenges for cities, responsible for creating traffic congestion noise and air pollution. They account for more than half of the traffic in cities. Our Solar Vehicles is designed for purpose with a minimal space footprint, urban adapted, equipped with heavy-duty components, robust body, and premium design which makes it ideal for Last-Mile Delivery and Urban Mobility. Solar photovoltaic cells integrated into the body transforms the hassle of being stuck in traffic into an opportunity to freely charge the batteries. Our solution will start a new era of truly sustainable futuristic urban vehicles.


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Theme: Véhicules intermédiaires, eXtrême Défi



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Countries of deployment: Norvège

Cities of deployment: Oslo

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Type: Entreprise



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Challenge(s): L'extrême défi ADEME

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