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Level of project development: prototype, precommande
Le véhicule en résumé ! the LØKKA cargo bike, the ultimate solution for professionals seeking efficient last-mile delivery with minimal ownership costs. This state-of-the-art bike features up to 550 Wp of highly efficient solar cells seamlessly integrated into its body, enabling it to generate up to 100% of its energy needs. Simply leave it under the sun, and it will be ready to power your journeys with clean, renewable energy! Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and practicality with the LØKKA cargo bike!

Model: LOKKA
Partenaire impliqué (industriel, fablab, labo...) :

Contact above: to know the needs and help LOKKA. The skills the team is looking for for this vehicle are (à renseigner dans une fiche Equipe !) - Les personnes ayant les compétences recherchées par l'Equipe :ANTOINE DACREMONT, Abdourahamane, Adam Mercier, Adrien Pitois, Alain Dubois... further results


Related challenge(s): L'extrême défi ADEME

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Community(ies) of interest: Communauté de l'eXtrême Défi

Country: Norvège

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Technical Elements of the Vehicle[edit source]

Vehicle type: VAE

Vehicle category: VAE

Main use cases for this vehicle are : Transport de Marchandises

Vehicle category:

Vitesse maxi de l'assistance (en km/h) : 25

Type de route utilisable route goudronnée, chemin grade 1

Number of people: 1

Number of rear wheel: 2

Number of front wheel: 1

Total mass of the vehicle (kg) :

Mass of Battery (kg) :

Consumption at 25km/h (Wh/km) :

Consumption at 45 km/h if concerned (Wh/km) :

Consumption at 80 km/h if concerned (Wh/km) :

Trunk/load volume: 1.5 m3

Drive type: electrique avec pedalier, assistance electrique

Transmission type: chaine

Steering type: bras leviers

Type of braking: disque

Chassis materials: acier

Type of assembly:

Autonomie visée (km) : 80

Puissance (en W) :

Tension batterie (Volt) :

Ampère.heure Batterie (A.H) :

Response file to the eXtreme Challenge[edit source]

Describe here your answer on 2 of the 6 parts (Vehicle, Energetics) by providing new informations continuously.
The 4 other parts (Narrative, ecosystem, economic and feedback) are to be detailed in your Team sheet: Team to create

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