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Actions[edit | edit source]

=> Contribute to the Challenges & Open Resources

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Objective : To solve by quick experimentations urban issues expressed by several cities and industrials partners.

Next Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Based on challenges identified : Call to bring open resources, sponsors and communication
  • Challenge :
    • Challenges presentation with main partners : Renault, Michelin, Transdev, Kisio, Engie, ...
    • 3 months for pre-projects answering the issues and using several open resources,
    • Pitch, Selection => 3 projects will be supported by FabMob and partners during one year with experimentation in cities, replication, business models and industrial development.
    • (to be completed) funding of selected project and/or open resources produced ?

Benefits for partners[edit | edit source]

For industrial partners :

  • identification of open resource, improvment of open resources by external contributors : open innovation inside real project,
  • exploration of new markets in several country via open resources,
  • connexion with large ecosystem,
  • benefits of feedbacks from all projects,

For entrepreneurs and startups :

  • Access to open resources (data, soft and harware)
  • Benefit from project support and global advisors,
  • Connect to extended ecosystems,
  • Implement open innovation projects,
  • Benefit from feedback from all projects,
  • Improve your open resources,
  • Receive co-financing

For cities :

  • Experiment solutions in your city,
  • Connect to the ecosystem.

For labs :

  • Identify and use open resource in entrepreneurial project,
  • Be part of open innovation projects,
  • Be connected to the ecosystem

Why open resources :

  • Build open bricks,
  • Go faster,
  • Share resources & development,
  • Simplify co-creation without heavy contract,
  • Increase your connexion in a large ecosystem,
  • Reinvent your business model by focusing on your added value,
  • Create standard, increase reutilisation & business

Idea of an Advisory Board :

  • Chris Andersen, Phil Tinn, Udacity, Robin Chase, Gael Musquet, Nicolas Le Douarec, Antonin Leonard, Erik Grab, Travel Spirit, InnoZ, Helsinki, Barcelone
  • missions : finalise the challenge, participate to the pre/selection, participate to the one-year program
  • Car hacker's Handbook

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You are interested ?[edit | edit source]

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