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Description en une ligne : Offrir la base roulante de la Twizy à des partenaires pour innover dessus

Description : Many stakeholders already develop and work on EV and autonomous EV. Cities are also impacted and become involved. Schools need to redesign their program, and labs are working on this topics for many years. But between these different stakeholders, there’re no standard, no connexion. 

Open source is very powerful to create useful connexion. 

FabMob ( , and ) start working on this problem and propose with Renault to develop an open source Twizy (POM project) with autonomous capacity.

Like Baidu with its open source autopilot, the business case proposed is to imagine business models associated with this open resource. Many stakeholders can be interested with this open resources : city, lab, school, industry… It’s possible to create valuable business model based on open source.


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Tags : voiture autonome, véhicule autonome

Thème : Navettes autonomes

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POM project : Hardware platform of Twizy open for ecosystem innovations :

  • Target : opening design of future vehicles,
  • Opening a technical minimal platform for co-development based on Twizy
    • why ? benefits with different levels of opening ?
    • which compenents ? how to deal with non-Renault components
    • build different scenario of opening, with different licences associated with risks/benefits associated
  • Several circles of contributors :
    • University, schools, startup, makers,
    • ex-suppliers becoming partners, cities,
    • industrial,
  • Start for problem to solve then Transform the vehicle to invent new usages
  • Needs expressed : feedbacks from ecosystem to Renault design,
  • Asset proposed by Renault :
    • Hardware open with all specs,
    • Production of POM as a derivative in the existing assembly line

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