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An open data specification for curb regulations

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CurbLR is a data standard for describing curb regulations. It uses a simple structure to store complex restrictions and conditions regarding where different users can park, load, or stop their vehicles at different days and times. The CurbLR specification exists to help government agencies effectively manage and regulate the curbside, and to support public and private users of city streets.

CurbLR is a common language on which many things can be built, including rules engines, query APIs, consumer notification services, mapping tools, and analytic models. It uses linear referencing to link regulation information back to the street, making it easy for government agencies and third parties to use this data with their own maps.

Why CurbLR?

  • Government agencies : Demand for access to the curbside has skyrocketed in urban areas. CurbLR provides a template for cities to create a digital inventory of their curb regulations, which can be used to analyze the present and reimagine the future of this public space.
  • Developers :The CurbLR specification enables engineers to ingest curbside inventory data from any city in the world, preventing the need to build custom tools or services for different jurisdictions.
  • Transportation services : It's no secret that the curbside can be chaotic. A standardized curb inventory allows mobility operators, TNCs, delivery services, and parking payment companies to build services that make it seamless for their users to find and use curbspace.

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