Building a Curb Rules Map

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilités

Curbs have become the next public infrastructure digitizing opportunity. In this post, I discuss the process of creating my own curb map and rules API using on–street parking rules data and SharedStreets draft CurbLR spec.

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It’s amazing how quickly the curb became a public infrastructure mapping and digitizing focus. And it stands to reason why would it. Ridesharing and autonomous driving companies are often cited as one of the biggest motivators in digitizing curb space. Improved efficiency in drop offs and pickups dictated by available curb space not only improves productivity and customer experience but also keeps private companies on the good side of cities (and the parking authority). Mapping curb rules may also help us improve traffic, mobility and productivity in cities. An analysis of various parking ‘cruising’ studies by Donald Shoup concluded that on average around 30% of road traffic could be attributed to people finding a place to park on the street. Another study in Washington DC revealed that the City was losing approximately $650 million a year because of the lack of loading zones for delivery trucks. Trucks were double parking in passenger vehicle locations or just in the middle of the street.

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