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Nom : CurbIQ

Description en une ligne : By digitizing curbside regulations, CurbIQTM helps cities better understand how their curbs are working today, and gives them modern tools to improve operations in the future.

Description : [[Description::Challenges Confusing curbside regulations Cities across the world share a similar challenge: understanding how their curb space has been designated, what the exact regulations are, and when or where these regulations apply. This makes curbside management difficult. Signage is confusing and only provides information to drivers at the end of their journey, resulting in cruising for parking, rather than providing this information to drivers in advance and letting them plan ahead.

Solutions Curb Converter CurbIQ has a robust set of patent-pending data collection methods to convert existing regulations into a digital curb layer in CurbLR format , an open data specification developed by SharedStreets, with input from city governments and private companies. Using the CurbLR format provides integration benefits with other uses.

Solutions Curb Viewer CurbIQ’s map-based visualization tool allows municipalities to easily navigate and understand their existing curbside regulations. Both municipal staff and the general public can view the regulations that apply along any curb segment, along with other key information such as the price of parking, maximum duration, and what time the restriction will change.]]

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