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Woodpecker is Open Source based Carbon negative electric vehicle platform with low production, delivery (“flat pack furniture” style) and operation costs.

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Woodpecker, on the opposite of any existing vehicle, has Carbon negative production emissions, because CO2 is being encapsulated by trees while growing.

Electrical propulsion allows to use solar and renewable power, all components and frame are recyclable or disposable based on Circular Economy concept.

Use scenarios are urban micromobility, agriculture and industrial logistics in place like cities, communities, campuses, factories and farms.

Platform is excellent rapid prototyping tool for cost sensitive research organizations and Maker communities.

Platform based vehicles are intended for use in controlled environment with top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) and might be registered as Low Speed Vehicle (LSV).

Vehicle is available in 3 versions – “Made Yourself” – cut the wood by open source drawings for free, DIY – buy prefabricated ready to build kit and assembled vehicle by one of partners.

Depending on body modules, Woodpecker could carry cargo, passengers or equipment in 3 modes – manual, tele-operation and autonomous (virtual rail).

Flatbed platform is built on “skateboard chassis” – compact and modular frame concept and is fully drive by wire controlled by initial design.

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