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Short description: High-efficiency electric powertrain systems for light electric vehicles

Full description: We aim to trigger the transformation process towards net-zero climate neutrality in the LEV industry with our powertrain solution designed in Switzerland.

Our mission is to enable all companies interested in creating new types of electric vehicles without incurring high R&D investments (such as motor, battery system development and UX/UI solutions) that require specific knowledge and significant effort and time.

We produce an all-in-one powertrain solution giving best-in-class performance.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge in e-mobility, our patented electric motors, battery pack and smart BMS are tailored to your vehicle design.


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Theme: Véhicules intermédiaires, eXtrême Défi, Voiture électrique et charge, Vélo et Mobilités Actives



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Countries of deployment: Suisse

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Type: Entreprise, Partenaire, Equipementier

Members: Cédric Flüeli

Referent: Cédric Flüeli

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Challenge(s): L'extrême défi ADEME

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