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open source EBike

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The project objective is to provide wireless to the TSDZ2 mid drive motor, free and OpenSource, making it support GPS bike computers, a mobile app and a wireless remote. The goal is to emulate and improve upon commercially available wirelessly controlled ebikes like the Specialized Turbo Levo Ebike.

The project utilizes the proven and popular TSDZ2 Flexible Open Source firmware (original developed to be used with the SW102 or 850C/860C displays running our OpenSource firmware).

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Tags: TSDZ2, wireless, remote, BMS, ebike, Cargo bike

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Challenge: Améliorer les solutions et développer de nouvelles solutions de mobilités pour tous, L'extrême défi ADEME

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Wealth sought: Expérimentation, Moyen de prototypage - production - essais et calcul, Financement

Required skills: Energie, Information, Equipement

Community of interest: Communauté Vélo et Mobilités Actives, Communauté des acteurs de la cyclologistique, Communauté du véhicule Open Source, Communauté de l'extrême défi

License: GNU Affero General Public License

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