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Short description: Community launch by Open Lab Michelin A dedicated wiki page about this project : Frugal Mobility Index

Description: Community launch by Open Lab Michelin.


  • More XX with less resources (energy, material, money)
  • Enable re-utilisation of all or part of the mobility solution by other stakeholder : Open Source approach is the best way :
    • with clear and described documentation (wiki, github),
    • with contribution to create community and empower people,
    • utilisation of other open resources liek Arduino,
  • Produce anti-fragiles solutions that improve under constraints


Tags: frugale, low tech

Challenge(s) related to this knowledge: Améliorer les solutions et développer de nouvelles solutions de mobilités pour tous

Community of interest: Low Tech dans la mobilité

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Frugality can be defined with the following criteria[edit | edit source]

Core frugal principles How they apply to mobility Ridesharing example –

how it fits

Provide simple and clever response using ingenuity Provide alternative and easy-to-implement solutions to heavy solutions like building additional tram stations for ex. Spread mechanism of “making a service to a neighbour”
Come up with low capital/resources solutions/innovations – leverage existing assets as much as possible Leverage sharing and collaborative solutions

Leverage digital solutions

Adapt mobility solutions to local resources

Leverage people who have a car and are ready to share their rides - mutualization
Grow horizontally – not vertically – through agile organization/teams Create spin offs and use replication strategy to develop Replicate the solution to other geographies and other vehicles

Projects analysis with the following criteria[edit | edit source]

Name Maturity Scope Location Launching date Key Topic How does it fit frugal mobility? Replicability / Similar offerings Contact