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Description en une ligne : Community launch by Open Lab Michelin A dedicated wiki page about this project : Frugal Mobility Index

Description : Community launch by Open Lab Michelin.


  • More XX with less resources (energy, material, money)
  • Enable re-utilisation of all or part of the mobility solution by other stakeholder : Open Source approach is the best way :
    • with clear and described documentation (wiki, github),
    • with contribution to create community and empower people,
    • utilisation of other open resources liek Arduino,
  • Produce anti-fragiles solutions that improve under constraints

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Tags : frugale, low tech

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Défi auquel répond le projet : Améliorer les solutions et développer de nouvelles solutions de mobilités pour tous

Communauté d'intérêt : Low Tech dans la mobilité

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Frugality can be defined with the following criteria

Core frugal principles How they apply to mobility Ridesharing example –

how it fits

Provide simple and clever response using ingenuity Provide alternative and easy-to-implement solutions to heavy solutions like building additional tram stations for ex. Spread mechanism of “making a service to a neighbour”
Come up with low capital/resources solutions/innovations – leverage existing assets as much as possible Leverage sharing and collaborative solutions

Leverage digital solutions

Adapt mobility solutions to local resources

Leverage people who have a car and are ready to share their rides - mutualization
Grow horizontally – not vertically – through agile organization/teams Create spin offs and use replication strategy to develop Replicate the solution to other geographies and other vehicles

Projects analysis with the following criteria

Name Maturity Scope Location Launching date Key Topic How does it fit frugal mobility? Replicability / Similar offerings Contact