IOT Tracker for tractor

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IOT Tracker for tractor

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Snowplow tractor fleets are generally made up of independent contractors using a range of tractor models from different brands. Hence any solution had to be brand agnostic, whilst also being easy and quick to instal with fully interchangeability. Developing a device that is brand agnostic, sets another level of challenges meaning that you have to think about many different contexts before picking a final solution. COBO’s experience in off-highway vehicles allowed them to identify the necessary features.

"We wanted CAN-bus to use our standard COBO products and to add new devices to the network or even the tractor if required in the future."

The final product : The COBO IoT Tracker is a robust and reliable device that was realized by utilizing the modular capability of the Arduino MKR family.

MKR CAN Shield : Communicate over a CAN Bus and build Arduino-powered automotive solutions , DISCOVER the MKR CAN Shield

The final product, the COBO IoT Tracker is a robust and reliable device that was realized by utilizing the modular capability of the Arduino MKR family. The snowplow tractor’s position and speed is collected by an MKR CAN Shield interfacing with a COBO GPS-CAN and to the control unit of the tractor. Whilst an MKR WAN 1300 connects to the council LoRaWAN™ and transmits the data to the Arduino IoT Cloud for visualization on a dashboard for the data collected from the whole fleet.

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