IOTIVITY for IOT open source specifications and standards

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IOTIVITY for IOT open source specifications and standards

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The IoTivity project was created to bring together the open source community to accelerate the development of the framework and services required to connect these billions of devices.

The IoTivity project is sponsored by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), a group of industry leaders who will be developing a standard specification and certification program to address these challenges.

IoTivity will deliver an open source reference implementation of the OCF standard specifications, yet will not be limited to those requirements.

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Challenge: Abaisser les barrières pour innover sur le véhicule

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Documentation of the experimentations: Utilisation d'IoTivity (OCF/OpenConnectivityFoundation,Tizen, GENIVI, LFAGL ) : IoTivity : From devices to cloud : (How to monitor street lights using connected cars) (demonstration SmartCity)

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