Guidelines for creating sustainable open source communities

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Short description: The Guidelines for Sustainable Open Source Communities in the Public Sector aim to provide you with step-by-step solutions and best practices to foster the sustainability and success of open source projects in the public sector.

Description: The Sustainability Guidelines were elaborated following various stages of information collection:

  • Literature review: academic papers, European and international institutions' documents, and online resources to gather information in order to identify key factors that contribute to the sustainability of OSS communities.
  • Survey: based on the research carried out in the literature review. It was sent out to representatives of open source software communities and contact points and collected more than 140 responses.
  • Interviews: to further explore the five most relevant initiatives showcasing successful cases of open source communities.
  • Case studies: a case study based on each group of interviews written to better understand what sort of success factors influence the sustainability of public sector open source communities. Each case study allowed us to uncover commonalities as well as unique differences between public sector OSS projects across Europe.
  • Guidelines: to uncover in an easy-to-understand way the key aspects of launching a sustainable public-sector-oriented open source software project. The guidelines are based on the analysis of stages 1-4.
  • In 2021, OSOR expanded the Guidelines with additional examples of useful tools and good practices that make an open source community sustainable. The update was made in light of community feedback and users' experiences in implementing the Guidelines’ recommendations, which was shared directly with the team and during a dedicated OSOR webinar.

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