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Plateforme pour développer des voitures téléguidées autonomes.


For people who want to make and race DIY autonomous cars of any size, from tiny 16th scale to full-size

  • How to get involved:
  • Attend our San Francisco Bay Area race/hack days
  • Join one of the dozens of other Meetup groups near you
  • Join us on the Donkeycar Slack channel
  • Build a Donkeycar using RaspberryPi and neural networks
  • Build a cheap and simple computer vision racer with OpenMV

Just because these cars are small and inexpensive doesn’t mean that you can’t run real autonomous car software on them. Like their big brothers, they run ML/CV software, from TensorFlow and OpenCV to ROS and Keras. To keep costs down, they split their computational tasks between Raspberry Pi 3 computers onboard for real-time processing and cloud processing for offline training.

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Theme: Voiture Connectée, Navettes autonomes, Open HardWare, Ecoles et Etudiants, Centre Excellence Québec


Challenge: Abaisser les barrières pour innover sur le véhicule

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Other related common: AWS DeepRacer, Autonomous 1/10th scale F1 race car, VehiculeLibre

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Community of interest: Communauté Voiture Connectée, Communauté de l'Open Hardware, Communauté des Ecoles et Etudiants


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Needs: rejoindre notre communauté francophone sur l'espace Slack !

Next step: * Organiser un Challenge inter-école, laboratoire en France, Québec, Monde

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