Workshop Logistics Engie

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Titre : Workshop Logistics Engie

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Description : The objective of this working session is to brainstorm between experts, actors and ENGIE representatives about the opportunities for private players (not public) in each logistic solution. A poster will be prepared for each logistic solution with following issues for discussion :

  • Key activities needed: which activities (services) need to be in place to implement this logistic solution successfully? Do these activities already exist? Or could they be economically viable today? Who should carry out these activities (public or private sector). Are these activities linked to the ENGIE core business (Energy services)?
  • Scope: in what type of cities (size, policy framework, spatial pattern, other characteristics) would this system be applicable)?

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Thème : Logistique urbaine, Collectivité

Lieu : Engie Bruxelles

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Journée : 2017/01/12

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Minutes of the Workshop