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In 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management launched 7 national MaaS pilots in 7 regions. One of the first by-products of these pilots was the TOMP-API: a MaaS standard, based on the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS), a standardised data feed for shared mobility system availability. Its mission is to develop and sustain an internationally-governed, interoperable open standard for technical communication between Transport Operators and Mobility Providers, by means of defining, improving, aligning and disseminating it.

TOMP standards cover:

  • operator information
  • planning
  • booking
  • support
  • payments
  • trip execution.


  • In what capacity are you involved in TOMP?*

I'm an employee at Katapult, partly paid by Switzerland to participate in TOMP and make it fly.

I have done a few projects in Europe. Another project is a pilot by Dutch government with BoxMove (Germany) for credentials on the bLockchain: completely open. Get to know your customers with personal data stores.

Compte Mobilité is involved in that worldwide.

Because at level 2 of integration of operations, you need personal info. Also how you get paid (B2C, B2B...) Not standardized at this moment. TOMP cannot be complete without handling user information.

There are multiple solutions for personal information. I strongly believe TOMP can cope with all of them. We try to get aligned with all projects right now. We think it will merge to 1-2 solutions only.

If there’s a new MaaS ecosystem with proprietary user / payment management, they can handle it, but the EU directive on "user identification" will apply long term.

The spider in the web connecting all users.

TOMP-API wants to be aligned with all possibilities. It’s a piece of the puzzle that can connect to all "ecosystems" (whatever that means!).

  • Will TOMP get all the pieces of the puzzle eventually?*

No, the aim of TOMP is to get aligned with anything possible, to fit in with every ecosystem. TOMP acts between MaaS and MSPs, but also between different MaaS providers. E.g. To contact Trafi (with all the services they aggregate), or IDFM, you can use TOMP-API. Even parking lots, digital meetings, cars, places, trains or planes could be connected. Everything mobility-related that you claim / reserve could be addressed with TOMP-API.

Very sensitive for TOMP to be used in a context.




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