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MaaS "Mobility as a Service" is driven by an incredible enthusiasm : local autorities see it as a solutionto their mobility problems, while mobility operators and manufacturers hope to develop their existing offers and create new ones. Yet, for almost 10 years, various projects around MaaS have remained confidiential or did not kept their promises.

At Fabmob, we believe that MaaS will improve access to public and shared transport, reduce the use of private cars or better target inclusive mobility. But so MaaS does not become a new expensive fashion effect, we know now that we must work with local authorities and operator. Innovating in this area requires relying on existing experiences, drawing inspiration form the successes of GAFAM and integrating international standardization approaches.

Winner of CEE 2019 program, Fabmob has been developing and experimenting for almost a year with open, interoperable and Open Source "Mon Compte Mobilité" (My Mobility Account) in partnership with Cap Gemini Invent. This MoB program is still under development and was itself the subject of an "AMI MOB" call for expression of interest, launched in March 2021.

As part of an amendment to this initial program, we are launching for the start of the 2021 academic year, a new stage in partnership with Gart, DGITM, Cerema and a variety of players representative of the French MaaS ecosystem: design, implement and experimenting with open standards to connect each type of mobility service to a MaaS and MaaS between them (interoperability), promoting standardized mobility accounts (and their interfaces).

The ambition of this amendment is to provide a solution to the problem of universality by defining the technical principles of standardization and their conditions of implementation, which will allow mobility operators to interface with the different platforms. This objective meets the challenges of reducing specific developments, minimizing development costs and protecting personal data.



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