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Get, Concatenate and Process you location history from Google Maps TimeLine

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If you have turned on the Google Maps location history, you probably now that Google save your location data and process it in order to create a timeline that you can find in the user interface :

Maps is using raw data (multiple points saved per minutes) and is projecting it on roads, places, etc.

You can easily export all of the raw data saved by Maps or you can export one day to KML but it's impossible to export all of the processed data from the user interface.

In this project, I export multiple days (months actually) to KML, then process it in order to convert it into a pandas DataFrame. I am still working on data vizualtion and statistics with this data.

Get cookie_content to export locatin history

In order to export processed data from Google Maps website from a python script, you need to get your actual cookie.

  1. Go to
  2. Inspect the page and go to the Network tab
  3. Enter this link!1m8!1m3!1i2017!2i3!3i16!2m3!1i2017!2i3!3i16 (or another date)
  4. Save this element as a cURL
  5. Open the cURL in a text editor

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