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Level of project development: prototype
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Maker: Pedilio
Model: Pedilio
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Contact above: to know the needs and help Pedilio. The skills the team is looking for for this vehicle are (à renseigner dans une fiche Equipe !) - Les personnes ayant les compétences recherchées par l'Equipe :ANTOINE DACREMONT, Abdourahamane, Adam Mercier, Adrien Pitois, Alain Dubois... further results


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Community(ies) of interest: Communauté de l'eXtrême Défi

Country: DE

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Technical Elements of the Vehicle[edit source]

Vehicle type: trike

Vehicle category: VAE

Main use cases for this vehicle are :

Vehicle category:

Vitesse maxi de l'assistance (en km/h) :

Type de route utilisable

Number of people: 1

Number of rear wheel: 2

Number of front wheel: 2

Total mass of the vehicle (kg) :

Mass of Battery (kg) :

Consumption at 25km/h (Wh/km) :

Consumption at 45 km/h if concerned (Wh/km) :

Consumption at 80 km/h if concerned (Wh/km) :

Trunk/load volume:

Drive type:

Transmission type:

Steering type:

Type of braking:

Chassis materials:

Type of assembly:

Autonomie visée (km) :

Puissance (en W) :

Tension batterie (Volt) :

Ampère.heure Batterie (A.H) :

Response file to the eXtreme Challenge[edit source]

Describe here your answer on 2 of the 6 parts (Vehicle, Energetics) by providing new informations continuously.
The 4 other parts (Narrative, ecosystem, economic and feedback) are to be detailed in your Team sheet: Team to create

==Pedilio 25==

This version of pedilio is considered a bicycle. It can be ridden without a license anywhere bicycles are allowed to move. With 250 W motor assistance up to 25 Km/h, you can comfortably do your daily trips and shopping.

The pedal drive operates by the fully enclosed chain to a 14 speed Rohloff hub gear, for efficient drive of the right rear wheel. This proven mechanical solution provides the rider with the sporty feeling familiar from bicycles, with a direct feed back of the road and torque reserves for any incline.

The gearless hub motor integrated in the left rear wheel acts as a powerful support for a speedy ride. The motor also allows for reverse gear and electric regenerative braking to recover kinetic energy during braking.

Pedilio 45 "speed"

For commuters who no longer want to drive a car and prefer to be active in the fresh air, the optional individual registration of Pedilio as a light electric motor vehicle is the right decision.

Equipped with an insurance license plate, the vehicle may be driven from the age of 16 with a driver's license.

With a motor assistance up to 1000W, it allows a sporty driving style up to 45 km/h. For an optimal balance between driving fun and battery range, the average cruising speed is 30 to 35 km/h.

However, as a motor vehicle, the use of bike paths is not permitted with this version.

pedilio 25 is ideal for exploring the sneaky lanes in your city and also for extended tours and trips overland away from traffic.

Specification :

dimensions: 185 cm x 89 cm x 136 cm (l x w x h)

weight: approx. 68 kg including e-drive and enclosing

payload: approx. 68 kg including e-drive and enclosing / approx. 130 kg (driver and luggage)

wheels: 4 wheels 20" x 2,15" independant wheel suspension

pedal drive: driving right rear wheel, Rohloff 14 gear hub

e-drive: hub motor integrated in left rear wheel 250 W (1000W)

motor assistance: adjustable assistance  factor 2 to 5, in correlation to human power

additional motor features: start assistance, reverse gear, regenerative braking

max. speed: max. 25 km/h (pedelec) or 45 km/h (light four-wheeled vehicle class L6e)

travel average speed: approx. 25 km/h  (35 km/h)

travel distance: approx. 70...100 km per charge

solar charging: solar moduel 100 W, delivers range extension for additional 20 to 30 km per day

accumulator: Li-Ion 48V / 15 AH 720Wh)

brake: 4 hydraulic disc brakes

lighting: 2 headlights, rear light, brake light, indicator lights

frame: steel tube frame, powder coated

enclosing: carbon fibre / PET

pedilio is the non-polluting and sportive alternative for the everyday use  of one person including luggage

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