Open Vehicle Monitoring System for Twizy

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilites

Short Description: team is a group of enthusiasts who are developing a means to remotely communicate with our cars

Description: The OVMS module is a low-cost hardware device that you install in your car simply by installing aSIM card, connecting the module to your car’s Diagnostic port connector, and positioning a cellularantenna. Once connected, the OVMS module enables remote control and monitoring of your car.There are two ways for you to communicate with the OVMS module:1. Send text messages from a cell phone to the OVMS module’s phone number. The modulewill respond back via text messaging. If you want, the OVMS module can also send textmessages to you when the car reaches certain states, such as if charging is interrupted.2. Use a smartphone App. Both the OVMS module and the App communicate with an OVMSserver via UDP/IP or TCP/IP over the Internet. The smartphone Apps provide a richerexperience and more functionality, but they do require a data plan on the SIM car youpurchase and install in the OVMS module.



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