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OpenMobilityData provides a neutral home for the whole mobility industry to publish, visualize, and explore data

Description : TransitScreen, a software company providing a real-time mobility information platform including TransitScreen, CityMotion app and MobilityScore, is collaborating with the non-profit MobilityData (currently incubated by the Rocky Mountain Institute) to advance open transportation data.

For TransitFeeds users, you can still browse the site and access feeds as before. We’ll give advance notice of any major changes here and @OpenMobilityOrg on Twitter.

Very soon, we’ll also be fully integrating with transit data editors to update data automatically and increase the timeliness of data on this site. Launch partners for this feature will include TransLoc Architect, GTFS Manager from Trillium Solutions, and GTFS Editor from Conveyal.

We are grateful to Quentin Zervaas for creating and cultivating this site and community. We are pleased to bring the support of multiple companies and nonprofits to grow the site further and fulfill Quentin’s original vision.

Any questions about what this means? Reach out to and we’re happy to answer them.


Organisations intéressées pour contribuer ou qui contribuent déjà : Conveyal, Rocky Mountain Institut

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