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Short Description: Vélo Open source

Description: Interested in implementing a Bike Share on your campus? Want to do so in an innovative, inexpensive, user friendly way? Below you will find the resources you need in order to do so. In the OBI 1.0 Implementation Guide you will find a detailed, step by step account of the Bike Share Pilot that took place on Intel's Ronler Acres Campus during the Summer of 2013, along with the lessons learned from our Bike Share Pilot and a guide on how to implement your own version. On this page you will also find an explanation of the OBI 1.0 Code, the 1.0 Install Package and the 1.0 Source Code. If you have additional questions, please contact us via the Contact form or by e-mailing us at: 1.0 Implementation Guide FullOBI 1.0 Implementation Guide LiteOBI 1.0 Technical GuideOBI 1.0  Code ExplanationOBI 1.0 Binary InstallOBI 1.0  Source Code (By special request we've also added a stand-alone version of Appendix F of the full Guide; this Appendix describes a method for bicycle seat post retention we call the Keating Technique [.pdf]) 



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