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OpenBike is an open source bikesharing stack. It helps you to provide a modern, 24/7, (web)app based rental service for bikes and other vehicles. It includes open hardware for tracking devices attached to your bikes and provides adapter services for integrating different tracking and lock solutions.

We aim to make our documentation as up to date, usable and complete as possible. We want you to be able understand, use, run, and improve OpenBike. That said, documentation is never finished, and rarely perfect. If there is anything unclear or missing in our documentation, we'd be happy if you'd let us know.

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Organizations using or interested in using the resource: Evo Pods, FabMob, Collectivité Territoire


Tags: bike sharing, vélo partagé, VLS

Categories: Logiciel, Données, Connaissance, Matériel, Communauté

Theme: Vélo et Mobilités Actives, Open HardWare, Logiciel Libre

Referent: Florian DELONIN


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Other related common: Cyclovis - service de vélo partagé open source, Cadenas Connecté O.S. pour Vélo Partagé, Open Bike Initiative (OBI)

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Community of interest: Communauté Vélo et Mobilités Actives


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Level of development: Disponible mais non validé

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