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OSMRouteFix aims to make creating and maintaining OSM route relations easier. It builds on the GraphHopper routing engine and is released under Apache License 2.0.

OSMRouteFix currently is a proof-of-concept. A demo for the Baden-Wuerttemberg region in Germany is available at http://osmroutefix.mitfahren-bw.de. Currently only detour routes and PTv2 public transport routes are supported.

Creating a route from scratch

If you want to start a route from scratch, you may use the web ui, choose the route type for the relation you want to create and add start, via and end points. When done, you may download a changeset template in level0l format, which you can apply e.g. in the level0-editor. Note that the created template contains some empty tags which you should either fill or delete.

Retracing an existing route

You may enter a route ID of an existing route relation and select "Load". OSMRouteFix will use node members as start/end/via nodes to calculate a route. Dependending on the route type, the following members are used as route points:

  • detour: node members with role start, via, end
  • bus: node members with role stop

Note: for bus, currently only PTv2 routes with stop_positions as stop members are supported. I.e. no snapping of bus_stops or platforms is performed.

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