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OSDM(Open Sales and Distribution Model) is “an open standard for the distribution of rail services (bookings, reservations, integrated reservations and additional services) within Europe and beyond.

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The OSDM API and documents are Open Source and freely available to all parties interested.”(quote from website).

Initiated in 2013 and published in 2018, itemerged from UIT’s new Tariff Model (nTM) and Full Service Model (FSM 2.0) projects. It comprises of two standards: the Offline Model, which provides standardized static data about rail distribution in Europe, and the Online Model, which enables the harmonization of real-time booking and prices across Europe.

The team has recently started to promote adoption across the rail stakeholders in Europe, and is actively talking with the official European standards bodies to make sure the OSDM work is compatible.

Specificities of the initiatives

- OSDM is a sector-based private initiative (what FabMob calls a "community-based" standardization approach in the MaaS Interface Standardisation Benchmark), yet it works very closely with the official European regulatory bodies in order to ensure compliance and complementarity, and in the end integration in the broader TAP TSI work.

-It’s an interesting approach for the MaaS sector (even though it is focused on rail) with regard to its capacity to effectively create a bridge between the digital and transport worlds, and moreover with many big stakeholders in a pan-European context.

- One aspect that was stressed in the interviews we conducted is the importance of fostering trust between the humans that take part in the creation of the standards, which they say was done through a clear shared goal of advancing rail distribution and a climate of mutual respect, fairness, goodwill and transparency.

- It’s also a fully open-source approach, which facilitates cooperation but also adoption (e.g. it enabled some players to find the standard online through the repository).

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More on TSI, the official European standard for harmonizing technical specifications between European rail companies:https://www.era.europa.eu/activities/technicalspecifications-interoperability_en

More on TAP TSI: http://taf-jsg.info/?page_id=51

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