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OCHP Open Clearing House Protocol

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The Open Clearing House Protocol enables boundless electric vehicle charging across charging station networks. Using OCHP, service providers for EV charging can connect to infrastructure providers in order to provide access to their network.

Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP) has the purpose to connect market actors in the field of electric mobility charging infrastructure. This protocol enables parties to communicate between their own back-end system (like a CMS) and a clearing house system, in a simple way.

OCHP is an open source protocol. It offers a uniform, SOAP based, interface solution. Everyone is free to implement and to actively participate in the development of the protocol, which is rapidly becoming the free international standard in the electric vehicle market. The current protocol version is 1.4.

e-clearing.net is an open platform that enables the exchange of roaming authorization, charge transaction and charge point information data. We offer market players in electric mobility cross-border interoperability between networks. Our mission is to move e-mobility forward by enabling data exchange through one connection and one interface. The OCHP protocol (Open Clearinghouse Protocol) is designed to give parties the opportunity to use their own back-end to connect to e-clearing.net.

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