Movin'on Masterclass on Open Source

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilites


Baidu, the Chinese internet giant, launched its Apollo project that will see its platform, including vehicle platform, hardware platform, software platform and cloud data services, opened to help others in the industry, particularly car manufacturers, to develop autonomous vehicles. Open source is not new, but now everyone has to deeply understand how to integrate it in its strategy.

FabMob, a global accelerator for Mobility ecosystem, is focused on commons and open source. This masterclass will allow you to understand how to leverage open source, discover open resources already available and get involved in a new challenge centered on open source !


  • We have different ways to open a resource. What is Open Source and why is it interesting?
  • Why Open Source different from what the mobility industry is doing today?
  • How to use open resource to accelerate product developpment?
  • How could open resource help your own organization?
  • Which resources could you open to explore new markets and expand your network?
  • How could a project like contribute to accelerate innovation in Quebec?

Take away

  • Open Source is not free and it’s possible to made business with it.
  • Many industries already integrate Open Source as a way to accelerate innovation
  • For the mobility industry, it’s a new culture, new communities, new business models.
  • is here to help this ecosystem and all stakeholders to understand, integrate and produce Open Resources

Next Steps

  • Share informations concerning Open Source for Mobility,
  • Build a connected network of people involved in the masterclass on a mailing list,
  • Share feedbacks and on-going projects with open source possibility on this wiki page

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