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Movement provides data and tools for cities to more deeply understand and address urban transportation challenges. All data are open data and can be downloaded :

Cities are the backdrop of our lives - they are complicated, ever-changing places. As Uber has powered the movement of millions from A to B, we've uncovered unique insights about how and why people move. Movement harnesses this insight to help cities achieve their strategic goals: from reducing congestion and emissions, to improving road safety. We're excited to partner with cities to bring Uber Movement to life.

  • Open and Interoperable : Free, downloadable data aligned with open standards for easy integration into a variety of urban planning toolsets
  • Extensive Global Network : Leverage historical on-trip Uber data from 700+ cities based on actual observations from over 17 million trips per day
  • Insights at a Glance : Tools built to address city transportation challenges, from infrastructure planning to mobility research

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