Metabolism of Cities

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Metabolism of Cities

Description : Metabolism of Cities was originally set up (then called to share information and results from a research project on the City of Cape Town.

The team slowly expanded working on adding more publications on our publication database and creating our global urban metabolism database. The first face-to-face meeting happened in Surrey during the ISIE 2015 conference. Already there was some interest from the research community to the open access approach we had implemented.

Short after, the team grew even further. The online platform was now called Metabolism of Cities to better reflect our core interest but also as a reference to the pioneering article of Abel Wolman that in some way helped to shape the urban metabolism field.

Thanks to the Stakeholders Initiative we initiated, we had a great response from young students and established professionals alike and received continuous contributions from other people in the community.

Eventually, Metabolism of Cities members started carrying out research that fueled the community platform. As such, Metabolism of Cities became a digital research lab with members in a 5 universities and countries.

In mid-2017 we became a member of the GI-REC (Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities).


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