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Short description: MdinaMapper is a transit planning application

Description: MdinaMapper is a transit planning application.

The application helps you plan trips using bus, tramway and train in Great Casablanca region.

We are planing to deploy the app in all Moroccan cities in order to help travelers plan their trips at a national scale.

The application is available in French, English and Arabic.

Place of use/experiment: Casablanca, Morocco

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Tags: MdinaMapper, MaaS, Mobilité, Bus, Tram, Train, CasaBus, CasaTramway

Theme: Open Street Map OSM, Accessibilité dans les transports, Logiciel Libre, Africa

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Contributors: Gharib Mohamed Larbi

Referent: Gharib Mohamed Larbi

Challenge related to this project: Integration of private and public mobility providers into a MaaS platform

Common(s) used: OpenTripPlanner

Common(s) produced: API service mobilité et MaaS

Related community: Standards Ouverts pour des MaaS d'intérêt général

Key people to solicit: Gharib Mohamed Larbi

Level of development: : POC et 1er client

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