J1939 CAN Heavy duty Vehicle

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J1939 CAN Heavy duty Vehicle

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Framework to work with J1939 protocol.

J1939 protocol is a standard used in different systems compliant with CAN 2.0B specification.

The framework has been developed in C++ in a Linux distribution and compiled using the GNU toolchain. No dependencies are required for the compilation of any of the projects except from SocketCan compiled in the Linux Kernel.

What can you do with J1939-Framework

  • Save can frames from the Can Bus into recordings in TRC format with BinUtils/TRCDumper.
  • Play can frames from recordings in TRC format into the Can Bus with BinUtils/TRCPlayer.
  • Convert TRC files into pcap files readable by wireshark with BinUtils/TRCToCap.
  • Dissect pcap files with wireshark and the J1939 plugin dissector (wireshark/dissector).
  • Sniff frames from the Can Bus compliant with J1939 protocol with BinUtils/j1939Sniffer.
  • Decode raw J1939 data to human readable data with BinUtils/j1939Decoder.
  • Craft your own J1939 frames and send them to the Can Bus with BinUtils/j1939Sender. The functionality can be extended with the help of bash scripts located in Scripts (some examples are listed).
  • Visualize what is going on in the Can Bus with GUI_WEB. You will be able to craft, send and visualize the frames that are flowing in the Bus as well as visualizing graphics of their content (SPNs).
  • Discover J1939 devices with BinUtils/j1939AddressMapper.
  • Simulation of the Address Claim Process with BinUtils/j1939AddrClaim.

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Challenge: Abaisser les barrières pour innover sur le véhicule, Augmenter les connaissances partagées en cartographie et usages des véhicules et réseaux de transports

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