Inscription Atelier N°1 Open Hardware - Nov 2016

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilités


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Title: Inscription Atelier N°1 Open Hardware

Event format:

Description: Open source becomes a new way for innovation : Open data, sofwtare and hardware. FabMob is organising 1st workshop focused on Mobility.

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Theme: Open HardWare, Voiture électrique et charge


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Participants: Nicolas Le Douarec, Lomig Unger, Pedersen Sune, Nicolas Loubet, Majdi Toumi, STELANDRE Bertrand, GAINIER Fabien, BIBAS Jonathan, Thomas Chrzastek, Maud Chidiac, BORE Christophe, Gabriel Plassat, BOUFFARD Arnaud, Maguy Fournier, DINTER Nicolas, SIGRIST Pierre, Marina Rachline, Guichon Valérie, Paris CHRYSOS, OUFELLA Jérôme, BÉRAUD Cyrille, DERVILLE Stéphane, Anne-Sophie GERVAIS

Day: 2016/11/15

Time: 9h30 à 17h

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Referent (person): Plassat Gabriel


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Agenda : Projects presentations (15' / project) : general overview, documentations, lessons learns, next steps Identification of Best practises : licenses, how to share, how to build community, Connexion with

Open questions :

  • do we need to federate theses projects with an open hardware database ? with regular meetings ?
  • how to share at european level ? how to build european community ? example of :
  • how to deliver products ?
  • Identification of common needs => call and financial support

How can we connect open hardware and others stakeholders :

  • CNPA (garage, car rental, ...)
  • Schools for education,
  • OEM, suppliers for open innovation,
  • “Open” Cities as a partner to help implementation,

Next step - White paper on Open Data, soft and Hardware in Mobility. Workshop presentation : PAD for note sharing :

Minutes of the Workshop