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Fiche Contact :

Model: Golo.bike

Contact above: to know the needs and help Golo Bike. The skills the team is looking for for this vehicle are (à renseigner dans une fiche Equipe !) - Les personnes ayant les compétences recherchées par l'Equipe :Adam Mercier, Alain Dubois, Alexandrelagrange, Alexgrandremy, Andreaslivet, Angelo Chiacchio, AnoukGM, Anthony Bordron, Anthony Le Du, Arnaud MURGIA, Arnaud sivert, Audric agbo, Benjamin Ricaud, Benjaminpersiani, Benoit Dehais, Benoit Jarret, Benoit Tholence, Bertil de Fos, Bertrandbarbedette, Carmenblanchard, Carole Rinjonneau, Christian bruneel, Clotildedatincalvet, David Desjardins, El Hadj Dogheche, Eline, Emmanuel Bailly, Emmanuel Poisson, F8full, FRANCOIS ROMME, Fabien Gainier, Fabrice claudel, Florian.lainez, Frederic Mourier, Frédéric PELLISSIER TANON, Frédéric nicolaïdis, Gabriel Plassat, Gaellerichard, Ghislain, Guillaume Taliercio, Hanane BOUMERAOU, Herve Servignat, Hélène Jacquemin, Jaime, Jeremie.almosni, Jerome MOULIN, Juliette G, Laure Sune, Laure-wagner, Laurent GAGNEPAIN... further results


Related challenge(s): L'extrême défi ADEME

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Community(ies) of interest: Communauté de l'extrême défi

Country: Hollande

On the map:
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Level of project development: precommande

Technical Elements of the Vehicle[edit source]

Vehicle type: trike

Vehicle category: VAE

Number of people: 1

Number of rear wheel: 2

Number of front wheel: 2

Trunk/load volume: * contents: Pick-up capacity 400 litres

  • contents: Cargo container 1400 litresProperty "Volumecoffre" (as page type) with input value "* contents: Pick-up capacity 400 litres</br>* contents: Cargo container 1400 litres" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.

Drive type: electrique avec pedalier

Transmission type: chaine

Steering type: bras leviers

Type of braking: disque

Chassis materials: alu

Type of assembly: soude

Response file to the eXtreme Challenge[edit source]

Describe here your answer on 2 of the 6 parts: Vehicle, Energetics.
The 4 other parts (Narrative, ecosystem, economic and feedback) are to be detailed in your Team sheet: Team to create

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