Future of Mobility Scenario Game

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilités

The Future of Mobility Scenario Game is a role-playing game that allows practitioners, communities, and anyone who wants to play it to experience the future of mobility in a city from different perspectives.

A shortened version of the Scenario Game that allows you to experience future mobility changes from a variety of perspectives. Free to download and make your own version : https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3a8s21b0yb6mir/Future%20of%20Mobility%20Scenario%20Card%20Game%281%29.zip?dl=0

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Tags: serious game, scenario, Prospective, imaginaire

Categories: Connaissance, Matériel

Theme: Vélo et Mobilités Actives, Navettes autonomes, Covoiturage quotidien, Autopartage - location courte durée, Urbanisme et ville, Ecomobilité scolaire, Voiture électrique et charge


Challenge: Améliorer les solutions et développer de nouvelles solutions de mobilités pour tous

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Community of interest: Communauté des Territoires et Collectivités


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