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Why describe his project?[edit source]

The Mobility Factory wishes to identify ongoing projects in the areas of mobility. It is a question of indexing a maximum of projects carried out by companies, startups to make them better known, to link them to other projects at the level of people, resources, commons, territories and to identify synergies possible between the projects. Each bearer is invited to complete the form and update it. The main fields to fill in are: descriptions, tags and themes, challenge(s) linked to the project and associated community(ies), Contributor(s) and Organization(s) associated with the project.

Pour créer un Projet ou Modifier un projet existant, il faut se connecter sur son compte (en haut à droite) : Wiki login.PNG Puis rentrer un nouveau NOM de projet ou de modifier un projet existant en cliquant sur un projet ou en rentrant un nom de projet existant. Pour modifier un projet existant, il faut cliquer sur le petit stylo en haut : Wiki modif.PNG

Projects dedicated to the production of commons are indexed in the Category dedicated to Communs.