Enquête sur les freins à la diffusion de petits véhicules intermédiaires en Europe

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilités



Short description: What you think it has been the problem with all those projects in order not to be as successful as it happens in other areas like Asia?

Description: Since the 70`s there has been probably several hundreds of projects in Europe that have developed light low emission vehicles, bigger and smaller, nicer and uglier…And there is a lot of products to choose in the market from a cargo trike to a microcar.But for now it has been a completely failure to make them popular in most if not all European cities/roads.(We have the exception of Netherlands and neighboring countries/areas)

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Tags: ORNI, LSEV, usage

Theme: Véhicules intermédiaires, eXtrême Défi

Referent (person): GonzaloChomon

Challenge(s) related to this knowledge: L'extrême défi ADEME

Community of interest: Communauté de l'eXtrême Défi

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