Ecran e-ink affichage Navitia

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Ecran e-ink affichage Navitia

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Requires the inkyphat and PIL libraries installed, if you have an inkyphat installed it should already be the case

InkyPhat documentation

Extensive documentation for the inkyphat is available here : specifics

Before using this script, you should create a navitia accound and add an authentification token, which is required in the script (see queryNavitiaDepartures() function)

Finding your station

You can find your train station code using the navitia playground autocomplete on the stop_areas element, see below. The playground also requires a valid token for actual coverages.

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Tags: navitia, e-ink

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Theme: Open HardWare, Logiciel Libre


Challenge: Augmenter les connaissances partagées en cartographie et usages des véhicules et réseaux de transports

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Other related common: Navitia Open API & data for public transportation

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Community of interest: Communauté autour des données ouvertes, Communauté du Logiciel Libre

License: GNU Affero General Public License

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