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full release of nuScenes by Aptiv, an open-source autonomous vehicle (AV) dataset

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As the first large-scale public dataset to provide information from a comprehensive AV sensor suite, nuScenes by Aptiv is organized into 1,000 “scenes,” collected from Boston and Singapore, and is representative of some of the most complex driving scenarios in each urban environment. The nuScenes dataset is composed of 1.4 million images, 390K LiDAR sweeps, and 1.4M 3D human annotated bounding boxes, representing the largest multimodal 3D AV dataset released to date.

Providing public data of this kind not only offers academic researchers and industry experts access to carefully curated safety standards, it enables robust progress and innovation in the industry. To date, over 1,000 users and over 200 academic institutions have registered to access the nuScenes dataset.

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