Conveyal Analysis

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Conveyal Analysis helps you evaluate changes to public transport systems using accessibility indicators. These indicators quantify the access to opportunities experienced by transit riders, such as the proportion of the regional job market reachable within 45 minutes of total walking and transit time.

Although planners have emphasized the importance of multimodal accessibility indicators for years, conventional practice often employs isolated mobility measures that prioritize vehicle speed and throughput. But mobility is means to an end; even if movement is slow in a dense area, many destinations may be nearby and within reach. Planning should focus on providing people with access to opportunities and amenities, and indicators for evaluating impact should reflect this focus.

With Conveyal Analysis you can easily create multiple transportation scenarios, measuring and comparing the impact of different investments in terms of accessibility. You can focus on changes at a specific location, interactively visualizing the accessible area (isochrones) and number of opportunities reachable from that location as a travel time limit increases.

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