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Description en une ligne : Autonomous Electric Racing For Students "The nation's premier student karting program goes driverless!"

Description : Autonomous racing is the ultimate engineering challenge.  Combining the mechanical design of traditional auto-racing with the cutting-edge software controls of driverless vehicles, autonomous go-karts are the perfect platform to design, build, and test the vehicles of tomorrow.

The driver is replaced with a variety of sensors placed throughout the kart.  These sensors act as the eyes and ears of the vehicle, feeding the data to a control algorithm that students develop and tune.  Machine learning (artificial intelligence) is often used to interpret sensor data.  The challenge is who can engineer and build the most effective and fast driverless kart.

Autonomous racing brings a new thrill to the track combining high-speed karting with fascinatingly advanced technologies.


Choose which motor, controller, and battery system you want to make up your powertrain.  Will you choose brushed or brushless? Synchronous or asynchronous/induction? Will your batteries be lead-acid or lithium?<footer class="entry-footer"></footer><article class="iconbox iconbox_left_content avia-builder-el-41 avia-builder-el-no-sibling av-icon-style-no-border" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""><header class="entry-content-header">

Go-Kart Chassis

</header>What go-kart frame will you install your systems on?  Top Kart has partnered with evGrand Prix to provide a brand new go kart kit at-cost for student teams.  Learn more.<footer class="entry-footer"></footer></article><article class="iconbox iconbox_left_content avia-builder-el-43 avia-builder-el-no-sibling av-icon-style-no-border" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""><header class="entry-content-header">


</header>What kind of sensors do you want/need to finish the race? Choose your combination of RADAR, LIDAR, [RTK] GPS, IMU, CV, and many more.<footer class="entry-footer"></footer></article><article class="iconbox iconbox_left_content avia-builder-el-45 avia-builder-el-no-sibling av-icon-style-no-border" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""><header class="entry-content-header">


</header>What controls logic will you implement to drive your kart?  There’s software to read/interpret sensors as well as software to calculate speed/steering commands. Consider open source solutions like OpenCV and ArduPilot. In addition, you will likely have firmware to run on your embedded microcontroller acting as an ECU.<footer class="entry-footer"></footer></article><article class="iconbox iconbox_left_content avia-builder-el-47 avia-builder-el-no-sibling av-icon-style-no-border" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""><header class="entry-content-header">

Computer Hardware

</header>An ECU (such as an arduino) will command your vehicle’s controls, but what system will run your autonomous software?  Most self-driving projects implement some form of Raspberry Pi.  Research popular additions like the Navio 2 for ArduPilot implementation.<footer class="entry-footer"></footer></article><article class="iconbox iconbox_left_content avia-builder-el-49 avia-builder-el-no-sibling av-icon-style-no-border" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""><header class="entry-content-header">

Time to Race

</header>For now, the race will consist of independent time trial laps.  Who can achieve the fastest autonomous lap around the evGrand Prix track?  Develop and tune your kart to navigate turns and straights as fast and efficiently as possible. </article>

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