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Acorn, our solar powered precision farming rover

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What does Acorn do?

Some day, Acorn will use computer vision and tools to help perform weeding, planting, and more. Right now we are working on perfecting the basic vehicle which will carry those tools over each plant at the farm.

How much does Acorn cost?

Acorn units are not currently for sale, and we have not determined an estimated price for the system. Acorn is designed to be low cost.

In your announcement video, you say you want Acorn to become community supported. What does that mean?

Later in 2021 we plan to launch some kind of monthly donor support program. Like Patreon, though we may use Open Collective. There are many advantages to this approach which we will discuss in the future.

When will you offer kits for sale?

Robot development is difficult to accurately predict, but we hope it is possible to offer the first kits for sale in approximately one year. We already have a “Version 2” design which we are fabricating now.

What pronouns should I use for Acorn?

Acorn uses it/its pronouns. As in the sentence: Acorn loves to be outdoors and it feels warm and happy when sun shines on its panels.

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