Twizy Open Source POM

De Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilites

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POM project : Hardware platform of Twizy open for ecosystem innovations :

  • Target : opening design of future vehicles,
  • Opening a technical minimal platform for co-development based on Twizy
    • why ? benefits with different levels of opening ?
    • which compenents ? how to deal with non-Renault components
    • build different scenario of opening, with different licences associated with risks/benefits associated
  • Several circles of contributors :
    • University, schools, startup, makers,
    • ex-suppliers becoming partners, cities,
    • industrial,
  • Start for problem to solve then Transform the vehicle to invent new usages
  • Needs expressed : feedbacks from ecosystem to Renault design,
  • Asset proposed by Renault :
    • Hardware open with all specs,
    • Production of POM as a derivative in the existing assembly line

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Actions propositions :

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