Workshop Digital Transport 4 Africa

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Titre : Workshop Digital Transport 4 Africa

Type d'événement (liste déroulante) :

Description : Public and private workshops on 3 days. Lien vers le Drive :

Public Workshop : Link for Inscription

3 days Agenda :

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Tags : africa, resource center

Thème : Données ouvertes, Traces de mobilité et des données associées, Logiciel Libre, Africa

Lieu : Square Paris Renault, AFD

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Participants : juliendelabaca, RICHER Johan

Journée : 2018/11/14

Horaires : until friday 16th novembre 2018

Référent organisation : CHEVRE Antoine

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Compte Rendu Atelier lié :

Tuesday, 13 November: Internal meetings

  • Design review of the resource center
  • Hand over Fabrique des Mobilités -> WRI

Wednesday 14 November: Public event, Digital Transport for Africa: a Resource Center for Improved Mobility

  • 9:00 Welcome and introductions, AFD
  • 9:15 Launching of resource center, AFD / Fabrique des Mobilités : Presentation
  • 10:00 Leveraging GTFS data, Catalina Ochoa, World Bank
  • 10:30 Data updating challenge -> TFC and Digital Matatus
  • 11:00 Mapping a city with multimodal public transport, Addis Ababa Transport Bureau
  • 11:30 OpenStreetMaps vs GTFS, a complementary approach -> Jungle Bus team
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Inspiring example: Etalab French government entity in charge of digital with appli mon taxi &
  • 13:30 Inspiring example: institutional approach to transform paratransit sector in Philippines by GIZ
  • 14:00 Collective workshop on real case: 1) How to better address level of service in data collection phase? 2) How could we apply clustering algorithm (like start up via) to enhance planning of paratransit?

Thursday 15 November: Internal workshop

  • 9:00 Introductions
  • 9:15 Global update from WRI and AFD
  • 9:45 Project updates on key issues
  • 10:30 Stakeholders vision: AFD, WRI, WB, Digital Matatus team, TFC, others
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Expectation regarding resource center and priorities for next steps: missing tools, what value to the maps/digital play, statement on open data, etc. Group conversations on key topics.

Friday 16 November: Internal workshop

  • 9:30 Governance and animation of community
  • 11:00 Roadmap for the community and MOU
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Technical session: minibuses and transport planning for African cities?