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Short Description: open source, modular vehicules

Description: we have developed the Roadster, which is avialable for sale in our online store as 8 separate modules.Now we are working on:A next generation mail delivery vehicle for postal services globally. We intend to update this design for use as a compact, ultra-efficient RV camping vehicle and a light commercial delivery vehicle.A next generation taxi cab vehicle for global use.An ultra-light racing vehicle to campaign at the world’s most famous race track, the Nuremburgring. We have a prototype there currently under development by LG WikiSpeed.De.

An ultra-lite 5 seat sedan as part of ARPA-E’s LiteCar Challenge.Our cars are super-efficient which is exactly how we run our business, and we genuinely care about making things better every iteration.  We are developing convertible bodies as well as a pickup truck, which can be swapped out in about the time it takes to change a tire.  Amazing things like this are possible because:

  • Our car is modular—meaning we can swap out parts easily.Improvements to any portion of the car are incorporated the next one week sprint by people just like you pairing with experts globally, unlike multi-year design up-front cycles we see in most manufacturing companies.
  • Our Agile, distributed international team works on simply creating the most awesome car possible. Awesome in terms of environmental impact, fun to drive, outright speed, ergonomics, capacity, utility, price, safety, maintainability, durability, and reliability.



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